Welkin in the Wizarding World

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Chapter 15
The Birth: All Hallows Eve

Bundled against the cold, Welkin stood beside her husband watching the students dance around the huge bonfire they had built for All Hallows Eve. Snape had his arm protectively around Welkin and kept looking at her somewhat anxiously to gauge her level of discomfort, since the child she carried was due to be born any day now.

"We should go back inside," Snape told her. "You are shivering."

"Not yet, please. I love Halloween. It’s such a mystical night. You just need to be outside in the midst of it to appreciate it. Can we please go for a walk in the moonlight before we go back in?"

Snape always found it difficult not to indulge her, and tonight was no exception, even though he thought it was unwise. He escorted her into the woods, keeping to the pathway to prevent her from stumbling on uneven terrain.

"It’s so beautiful in the forest tonight, with the wind in the trees and the leaves swirling around in the moonlight, and my handsome Wizard beside me," Welkin narrated, her arm cradled in the crook of his as they walked.

Snape smiled his little smile, his head down, obsessively surveying the pathway for obstacles she might stumble on. He was not handsome, and he had known that for a very long time. But Welkin obviously thought differently, since she told him he was so often. It sometimes made him feel as if he really were handsome, the way she looked at him and said such things.

"What’s that over there?" Welkin asked, spying a gated area through the vines, just off the pathway that they were on.

"It’s the Hogwarts Cemetery," he said. "Some of the Hogwarts faculty and their families have chosen to be buried here on the grounds over the centuries."

"Oh, can we go take a look at the stones? How far back does it go?"

"At least 600 years, possibly more," Snape said, hesitating. "We should go back now."

"Oh please Severus - what could be more perfect on Halloween than walking through a cemetery? We won’t stay long…"


Welkin was lying on Severus’s cloak on top of a flat marble sarcophagus inside the above ground mausoleum in the center of the cemetery, cursing and gritting her teeth as another contraction hit her. Her own cloak had been thrown over her, and clustered around her were Severus, Albus, Minerva and the Hogwarts nurse. Snape had summoned Dumbledore when he realized that Welkin could not be moved, and Albus had brought the others with him.

Candlelight was the only illumination in the dark chamber, but Welkin could still see the look of concern on Severus’s face. She did not have time to reassure him at the moment, consumed as she was by her own discomfort and pain.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Welkin cursed again, pounding her fist against the marble as another, stronger contraction hit her. They were coming closer together now. She wanted to curl into a fetal ball against the pain, but the nurse had her knees bent and thighs parted. The lower portion of the cloak covering Welkin was pushed up, and the nurse was poised between her legs, awaiting the crowning of the baby’s head, and annoying the hell out of Welkin with copious words of cheerful encouragement.

"If only we had…" Snape began.

"Don’t you dare blame me for this again!" Welkin warned Snape. "How was I supposed to know that my water would break in the middle of the goddamn cemetery?" She grabbed his arm as another strong contraction made her grit her teeth, and dug her fingernails in. "Give me something for this pain damn you! What kind of a fucking Potions Master are you - not carrying any potions on you?!"

Snape winced as her hard, well manicured fingernails pierced his skin through his tunic, and opened his mouth to speak, but the nurse interrupted him.

"There’s the head, my dear. It’s time to push - at the next contraction I need you to do that." This might be especially difficult for her, the nurse thought. She did not have child-bearing hips. Welkin’s pelvic bones were closer together - not an optimum arrangement for a less painful and easy childbirth. Thankfully, her labor had been quick.

I will not scream…I will not scream…Welkin chanted to herself in her head. I will get through this without screaming like a child. I am a grown woman and I will not…

The next contraction hit and Welkin sat up, propped on her elbows and pushed as hard as she could. A pain unlike anything she had ever felt enveloped her and she screamed in agony as the baby was forced partly out of her. It felt as if someone were ripping her insides out and had thrust a sharp sword into her lower back at the same time. She fought against the pain, gritted her teeth harder and pushed again, with all the strength she had left. She felt the baby slide the rest of the way out and she gratefully collapsed on her back on the hard marble surface and closed her eyes, exhausted by the ordeal.

From what seemed like a great distance away, she could hear the baby’s disgruntled wailing, as if he was as upset as Snape had been with her when he had berated her about not listening to him after her water broke and he could not risk apparition with her back to the castle because of her condition.

Poor baby, she thought, to be brought into this world in such a cold, inhospitable place. But maybe that was okay. The world often was a very inhospitable place. He might as well start getting used to it.

Snape’s pale, worried expression was the first thing Welkin focused on when she opened her eyes. He reached out a hand to stroke her cheek. "Have you seen your son?" she asked with a weak smile. "No," he answered, seeming concerned only with her.

"Can I have our son?" Welkin requested, eager to present him to his father. "Bring him to me please."

The nurse appeared with a small, tartan-wrapped bundle, the tartan cloth from Minerva’s scarf, as it turned out. She placed the bundle in Welkin’s arms after Minerva rolled her own cloak into a pillow and propped it under Welkin’s back to help support her in a sitting position.

"Congratulations you two - he’s a beautiful boy," Minerva beamed.

Welkin held the bundle and pushed back the cloth until a pale little face appeared, then the top of the head, liberally covered in a messy shock of straight, black hair.

Snape leaned over and peered down at the child curiously.

Grimacing against the candlelight, Snape’s son suddenly opened his little eyelids and gazed up hazily at him with deep black eyes, remarkably like his father’s, just as Welkin had predicted. He began to cry again, loudly and furiously.

"Oh Sully, don’t cry. That’s just Daddy. Do you think he’s scary? I felt the same way about him when I first saw him. Scary ole Daddy loves you Sully, don’t cry."

"Sully?" Snape asked.

"Sullivan Severus Snape," Welkin announced rather grandly, with a proud smile. Sullivan is Gaelic for ‘black eyes’. We can call him Sully for short."

"An excellent name, don’t you think, Severus?" Dumbledore pounded him on the back.

"The name is…quite…acceptable," Snape finally agreed.

"Are you sure? Aloysius is still an option, if you don’t like Sullivan," Welkin said. Even exhausted she still couldn’t help needling him a little.

She changed the subject before Snape could respond. "So, when are you getting me out of here? Even with the cloak under me, this marble is pretty cold on my bare ass."


"He has your nose and mouth," Snape observed, sitting propped up in bed next to Welkin the next night, with a book open in his lap. He watched as the baby suckled greedily at Welkin’s breast.

"I think it’s hard to tell about babies’ noses," she replied noncommittally. "They all look pretty much the same in the beginning to me. Maybe he’ll have your nose later on, when he’s older." Snape grimaced at the prospect.

"Don’t start that again. There’s nothing wrong with your nose. It’s a perfectly lovely, robust nose," Welkin told him. "I think it’s very manly," she critiqued. "I love looking at your nose in profile particularly. It has a certain nobility about it."

"You are a bit prejudiced," Snape countered, remembering all the hurtful names and snide remarks that had been directed at him as a student at Hogwarts, partly based on his personal appearance.

Welkin ignored that. "At any rate, I think he inherited your big cock. It looks large for a baby, don‘t you think? He’s going to be very popular with the ladies."

The favorable mention of his cock reminded Snape of something he had been selfishly looking forward to for months. He smiled and put his book aside for the evening. "Is he finished?" he asked hopefully, noticing that the sucking movements seemed to be slowing and the child appeared drowsy.

"I think so." Welkin carefully pulled his little mouth away from her nipple and held him against her shoulder, rubbing his back until she was sure he was asleep. She got up to deposit Sully into the antique rosewood cradle next to the bed, carefully covering him with a yellow blanket.

The cradle was a beautiful piece of handwork, which she and Severus had found in a shop in Hogsmeade a month before Sully was born. It was carved deeply with various floral motifs in a flowing, organic, art nouveau style, a style which both she and Severus favored.

Their bed, which Snape had acquired long before they married, and Welkin also loved, was carved in a similar style, but decorated as well with various fantastical and magical creatures in oblong frames that formed friezes around the bottom of the bed and around the wood canopy at the top. A large, nearly three dimensional serpent was carved in the dark wood in the center of the footboard. The snake was entwined about the trunk of a fruit-laden tree, with a nude female figure on the left and a nude male figure on the right - apparently meant to be a depiction of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In the center of the headboard was a depiction of a celestial hemisphere, the night sky consisting of inlaid pieces of deep blue lapis lazuli with shimmering mother of pearl forming various significant star patterns. The four posts supporting the canopy were massive, deeply fluted and embellished with gold leafing inside the striations on the upper half of each. They looked like Egyptian columns to Welkin, each topped with a lotus flower design as the capital.

It was a wonderfully exotic piece, Welkin had thought when she’d first seen it, surprised that Severus would have chosen something so hedonistic looking for himself. He was such a conservative man in many ways. Many, but thankfully, not all.

She had asked him if he had been expecting and anticipating her when he’d purchased the bed, she was so taken with it, and he had replied that perhaps he had hoped for her arrival many times, but never really expected it. It was the sort of comment that made her want to hug him - it was so uncharacteristically plaintive of him.

As she crawled back into bed now, she saw the way Severus was looking at her and smiled. "What? Do you think it’s your turn now?"

Snape waved his hand and intoned some words to encircle the bed with his special version of the Silencio Charm. They would still be able to hear the baby, should he wake, but he would not be able to hear them, he explained to Welkin.

In the Muggle world, sex would be out of the question so soon after giving birth, but in the Wizarding World certain methods and potions were often employed to accelerate the healing process to a remarkable degree - and, of course, Welkin was married to the Hogwarts Potions Master.

"So, you didn’t have anything on hand to spare me the agony of childbirth, but you had no trouble at all finding the medicinals to fix me up so that you can have sex with me tonight. That’s pretty convenient for you," Welkin said.

"There would have been medicinals for you during childbirth if you had followed my instructions and gone inside with me when I asked you to," Snape reminded her.

"I know, I know. You were right."

"Would you repeat that please?"

"You were right," she said begrudgingly. "Don’t rub it in."

"Come here, my wife," Snape commanded. "I have great need of you."

"Yes sir, yes sir, right away sir," she said in a comically obsequious tone. "I’ll be honored to spread my legs for you. Just let me pull my nightie up and flip it right over my head. You won’t even have to look at me while you’re banging my twat."

"Enough," Snape ordered. "You talk entirely too much." He held her wrists pinned against the headboard of the bed above her head and began to kiss her neck, eliciting a deeply appreciative sigh of pleasure from Welkin. She hoped he gave it to her good and proper. It had been too many months since he had been able to be completely unrestrained with her.

"Oh god yes, that feels so good," Welkin enthused. "Are you sure you don’t want me to talk?"

Snape paused to pull his nightshirt over his head and to reconsider. "You may express your appreciation of my lovemaking skills verbally," he told her. "Although I doubt that you will still be very coherent by the time I am finished with you," he smirked.

"One can only hope," Welkin said.

Snape returned to kissing her throat, sending shivers down the length of her body. Welkin let her soft arms fall around his shoulders, stroking the taut muscles in his arms, than letting her fingers and nails lightly trace patterns on his smooth back before moving to the slightly rounded hardness of his butt cheeks. She dug her nails into his buttocks and felt him flinch as his cock began to swell against her.

"Welkin my sweet," he groaned against her throat, "Welkin my love." His mouth sought hers, hungry and demanding, his tongue penetrating and exploring, jousting wetly with hers.

Snape encircled her with his arms and rolled her with him, positioning her on top of him. His smooth, strong hands worked the top of her smocked white nightgown down until she was naked from the waist up, her pale milk-laden breasts lying against his chest. He captured her face between his hands and raised her head to allow him to stare into her eyes.

"How does it feel when he suckles you?" he asked in his soft, seductive voice. "Does it pleasure you?"

"Yes, it does," Welkin admitted, recalling the shock she had felt when she first fed Sully, as his urgent little suckling motions tugged at her nipple, sending tiny tingles of pleasure through her.

"I would like to suckle you and give you pleasure this way," Snape said, his black eyes glittering as his hands encircled her breasts, massaging them. "Would you like that?"

Her eyelids fluttered and she moaned at the feel of his hands on her, firmly milking her breasts.

Severus took that as a yes. He slid down in the bed until he was flat on his back, Welkin above him with her breasts dangling over his face. His tongue slathered wetly over her engorged right nipple and then his mouth closed over it, encasing it in warmth. He began to suckle, imitating the rhythm he had observed as his son had suckled, but tugging at her with a firm, steady, sensual grasp. Welkin began to squirm and moan above him with pleasure. She pressed her pubic area against him in an attempt to satisfy the tingling and throbbing that she felt starting between her legs. Her milk was flowing freely into his mouth. Releasing her right nipple, he turned his attentions to her left, while massaging the breast he had just attended to.

"Oh god that’s good," Welkin said, shutting her eyes and rocking back and forth atop him. "You are so good."

Welkin had always laughed at the corny phrase "You’ve ruined me for all other men," but damn, with Severus, she discovered that it was actually true. She couldn’t imagine anyone else ever making her respond sexually the way that she did with him. God how she loved her hot, kinky, big-nosed, infuriating, pompous ass of a husband.

"Sevvy, I need you inside me," she whispered, and he immediately released her nipple and raised his eyes to meet hers.

"How badly do you need me?" He moved his hand to her pussy.

"Can’t you feel how badly?" she asked, as his fingers teased, sliding up and down the slickened length between her pussy lips.

"Then assume the position that you most desire," he told her. "If you want my cock to fill you, you must show me by your actions as well as your words."

Welkin kissed him on the mouth, then scrambled off him. Surprisingly to Snape, she quickly positioned herself facing the foot of the bed, between his spread legs. She bunched her nightgown up around her waist until her round, pink and white buttocks were exposed, and ducked her head, her ass elevated. She spread her knees apart and braced herself.

"Give it to me good," she requested happily. "Fuck me till I’m raw. Fuck me till I beg you to stop."

"You seem a little overeager." Amused at her, Snape teased her, leaning back against the headboard of the bed, his hands behind his head as he gazed at her inviting ass and private parts, so exposed to him that they should hardly be called private anymore. He lazily placed the toes of one of his feet against her and rubbed up and down.

"Oh Sevvy please," Welkin wriggled in frustration. "Stop diddling me and fuck me!"

Snape grasped his hardened cock and moved behind her on his knees. "Spread yourself for me," he ordered, and Welkin quickly reached beneath herself and used her fingers to stretch her pussy lips apart, exposing her glistening entrance and her protruding, reddened clit to him. He smacked his cock against her clit several times in rapid succession.

"Goddamn you! Give me that cock!" Welkin lost patience. "You cock sucking motherfucking bastard…OW!" Welkin yelled as she finally got what she’d asked for. "OW! OW! That hurts!" Snape ignored her protests and continued to pound into her even harder. "You’re killing me! No, No, No, No…Oh YES! Oh YES!"

God she was tight, Snape thought. Even after childbirth her pussy was so tight and hot. He lost himself in the sweet rhythm and feel of fucking her.

Severus was fucking her so hard that Welkin was scooting forward on the bed now with each powerful new thrust. She had started out in the center of the bed and now had to grab hold of the footboard to keep from being pushed over it onto the floor.

Snape began to rotate his hips while he was deepest inside her, and soon hit the spot he was aiming for, giving Welkin her first orgasm of several he intended to elicit from her before allowing himself his own release.

Her knees weak and her arms beginning to ache from bracing herself, Welkin was unprepared when a second orgasm followed so soon after the first - and still he kept pounding into her.

Snape pulled her back into the center of the bed and flipped her over onto her side like a rag doll. Spreading her legs open in a wide vee, he placed her uppermost leg atop his shoulder and began to fuck her in that position, one hand gripping her leg and the other her ass to steady her for his continued aggressive thrusts. "Come for me again Welkin," he demanded, his chest and his brow now glistening with sweat, his lips compressed tightly with the effort of restraining his own orgasm. He rotated his hips again and she felt his thick cock scraping against her insides, searching. Her thighs ached from being stretched apart.

"Come for me," he chanted again, his cock at last finding the spot, sending Welkin into her final spasms of simultaneous painful and pleasurable release.

Snape flipped her again, this time onto her back, and plunged back into her wetness with a deep groan and renewed vigor, this time seeking his own release. Welkin threw her arms around him, her hands caressing him, breathing his name in his ear over and over again until she felt him stiffen in her arms and heard him cry out as he began to come, spurting inside her and filling her with his warm soothing fluids.

Welkin continued to kiss and caress him as he slowly recovered from his orgasm. "I love you," she told him when he raised his eyes to hers again, falling forward and snuggling contentedly against her.

"Was it…well with you?" Severus asked, anxious, as always, to hear her say that he had pleased her.

"Very well. Very well indeed," Welkin replied, smiling. "I love you for so much more than this, but nobody fucks like you do, my sweet Sevvy."

"I have great love for you as well," Snape said solemnly. "I do not ever wish to lose you."

"Haven’t you forgotten somebody?" Welkin prodded. Snape looked puzzled. "Sully, Severus - I meant Sully, your son."

"Yes, of course," he replied, wondering how he could have forgotten his own son?

As if on cue, Sully began to cry, no doubt fussing to be fed again, Welkin assumed.

Snape removed the Silencio Charm from around their bed and the crying was no longer muffled, but loud and demanding. Welkin started to go to him, but stopped. "Why don’t you go get him Severus? Go get him and bring him here for me." Severus hadn’t really had any bonding time with Sully yet and Welkin was anxious to get that particular ball rolling right away, knowing what she did about his poor relationship with his own father.

"Perhaps I should put on my nightshirt first," Snape suggested.

"Don’t be silly. Sully doesn’t care if you’re naked, and I’m enjoying the view," Welkin grinned. "Just go get him before he wakes up the whole castle."

Snape obediently went to the cradle and hesitantly, and somewhat awkwardly, extracted Sullivan from it. Sully immediately stopped crying, much to Snape’s astonishment. Bringing him gingerly to the bed, Snape tried to hand him to Welkin, but she scooted over to his side of the bed and made room on her side. "Just get in bed with him. He’s not crying so I guess he’s not hungry yet after all. Maybe he’s just lonely," she said.

Snape got into bed under the coverlet and Welkin joined him, showing him how to support Sully’s head and neck properly, though where she had learned this herself she couldn’t have told him. Her nightgown dispensed with, Welkin leaned against Severus as he held Sully, who was nattily dressed in his new yellow onesie, his black hair sticking out at many interesting angles.

"You see," Welkin told him. "Sully was just lonesome for his Daddy. Weren’t you Sully?"

"The child is far too young to vocalize words," Snape told her, refusing to play along with Welkin’s fantasies concerning the baby’s attachment to him. "I do not understand why you insist on including him in our conversations."

"You’re supposed to talk to babies. Even I know that. It stimulates them, and it gets them used to your voice. Say something to him Severus." Snape looked skeptical, but acquiesced at Welkin’s insistence.

"I am your father, Sullivan Snape," he announced to Sully rather stiffly, causing Welkin to press her lips together tightly to keep from laughing. "And I am…pleased to make your acquaintance," he added even more formally.

Sullivan stared hazily up at him, then wobbled his head against Severus, opened his mouth and began reflexively rooting around on Snape’s chest, searching for Welkin’s teat. "What is he doing?" Snape asked her, looking alarmed.

"He’s trying to nurse, Severus. Just give him your teat to suck on. That’ll probably pacify him. It usually works for me when I want to pacify you," she teased, laughing at him at last.

"This child is a dunderhead!" Snape told her, hastily handing him over to her.

"Yep, just like his Daddy," Welkin agreed, guiding Sully into place against her breast. "But that’s okay Sully," Welkin cooed to him as he suckled. "Because your Daddy has a great big ole cock," she continued in a sing-song voice, " and he fucks Mama real good with it, every chance he gets - and he makes her come and come and come - every single time."

Snape rolled his eyes at her, folded his arms and leaned back against the headboard. "Our child is going to be insane, like his mother," he deadpanned.


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