Welkin in the Wizarding World

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Chapter 35
A Meeting of the Minds

The photo of Welkin didn’t come out in The Daily Prophet until Monday’s edition, along with an article by Rita Skeeter which, though complimentary of Welkin’s singing, also went so far as to intimate a much more cozy relationship between Welkin and her pianist than actually existed. There was nothing concrete that might be actionable for libel, but enough veiled innuendo to give some people the wrong idea. Unfortunately for Welkin, one of those people who got the wrong idea was Severus Snape.

"I can’t believe you’re actually getting upset over this. It’s nothing. Hermione told me Skeeter is known for this sort of thing. It sells papers unfortunately. As for the photo, I think it’s very flattering, and any coverage at all is good for Aberforth’s business," Welkin said. She began idly rearranging items on the desk in his office in the Potions Lab as they discussed their opposing opinions about press coverage of her first night performances at The Hog’s Head Inn.

"Flattering? I suppose you think that it’s flattering that half the male population at Hogwarts quite possibly has a copy of this pornographic rendering of you hanging above their beds to leer at every night while they pleasure themselves?"

"It’s not pornographic. It’s just showing a little leg," Welkin told him. "What’s wrong with that?" She purposely ignored his comment about the male students. They had gone down that road once before, with disastrous results.

"Have you not looked closely at this photograph Welkin? At the point when you turn thusly," Snape said, waiting for the angle he was referencing to display. "There! See? I can see your knickers!"

"And?" Welkin asked, sounding bored. She took the paper from him and looked at it closely. "I don’t see my panties. I only see…oh shit!" Welkin looked at Snape wondering how to break the news to him.

"You see them now don’t you? Your red knickers are quite plainly exposed for all the Wizarding World to see," Snape said with disgust.

"Severus, I don’t quite know how to tell you this but, I don’t think that’s my panties. If you remember how we celebrated after we got home that night…well…don’t you remember what I was wearing?"

"Of course I remember," Snape assured her. "You were wearing…" he stopped talking and his face went a little pale. He grabbed the paper from her again and she heard him groan when his worst suspicions were confirmed.

"I was wearing those silver crotchless panties you bought for me," Welkin sighed. "I guess you’re right. It is a little bit pornographic. It could be worse though. I mean, it’s not like they have a picture of me sucking your dick. That really would be pornographic considering how big it is." Welkin couldn’t help grinning at the thought.

"This is not in the least bit amusing Welkin! Other men have gained visual access to your pussy!" Snape sputtered.

"Oh my! Visual access to my pussy? Whatever shall we do?" Welkin asked in mock horror.

Snape frowned at her continued lack of concern and seriousness. "I should never have agreed to let you sing at the Hog’s Head in the first place. But I can at least remedy that immediately, even if I cannot do anything about this distressing display. You will not sing there again. I am quite determined about this so do not attempt to change my mind."

"But Severus, that isn’t fair! I didn’t do anything wrong and you know it - it was just an accident that I exposed myself - you can’t make me stop singing! Aberforth is counting on me and so is Julien!"

"And that is another thing - I do not like your association with this Julien person. I know nothing about him. I do not even know his surname or who his people are. I do not like the way that he looks at you when you are singing. It is obvious that he desires to bed you."

"Oh that’s crazy," Welkin said with exasperation. "You think every man who even looks at me wants to fuck me. You shouldn’t judge every other man by your own personally outrageous level of perpetual horniness. Believe it or not, most men besides you have more on their minds than sticking their dicks in me morning, noon and night. Some of them actually like to just talk with me."

"You are disgusted by my desire for you?" Snape looked hurt.

"Oh my fucking lord! I can’t win with you! You twist everything that I say to make it sound like an insult! You know I didn’t mean it that way!" Welkin flopped down on the black leather couch and folded her arms under her breasts. "All I meant," she continued more calmly, is that it might be nice to just sit and have an intellectual exchange with you every now and then like we used to without feeling like you’re just waiting for me to shut up so that you can jump on top of me."

Snape considered her suggestion’s merit. He walked over to sit down next to her on the couch. "What would you like to discuss?" he asked her.

"Well," she glanced up at the ceiling as she attempted to think of a likely topic. "What about that article in Potions and Enchantments Quarterly? The one about Moonstone in the use of Healing Charms. I thought that was pretty interesting. What did you think about it?" She unfolded her arms and took a less defensive posture.

"I thought the author failed to cite sufficient trial studies on which to base some of his conclusions, but that the historical research was quite thorough - particularly regarding the connection with Druid healing culture."

Snape moved closer to her and leaned back, extending his arms across the back of the couch, his legs comfortably splayed open in a typically masculine display. Why did men always seem to sit like that with their legs spread open? Were they trying to air out their balls or something? Was it an unconscious sexual display? Welkin resolutely forced her mind off the subject of Snape’s crotch and back onto what he had just said.

"But studies aside, don’t you think that the two actual cases he did cite were quite convincing? I mean, just the fact that the eight year old boy was healed completely of what is nearly always a fatal disease would be enough for me to think that the treatment warrants further study," Welkin told him earnestly. "In fact," she announced, the idea just having occurred to her, "I might run some tests myself, on a smaller scale to begin with."

Snape had been watching her mouth as she spoke, entranced by her full, slightly pouty lower lip. He envisioned capturing it between his own lips in a kiss.

Welkin saw him staring. "Severus, are you listening to me?" she asked suspiciously. "You don’t look like you are."

"Of course I am listening to you," Snape told her, feeling the beginning stirrings of his arousal between his legs. "I would agree that it warrants more investigation and it might be a very efficacious area of study for you. Your ancestress was quite lauded as a healer, and your family line appears to have retained an interest in it over the centuries."

"My ancestress was also quite lauded as well as reviled as a dark sorceress, depending on your point of view," Welkin added.

"Yes, precisely," Snape agreed, "depending on your point of view." He regarded her with renewed interest in this area of discussion. "You are not repulsed by the Dark Arts?"

"No, not particularly. You know that I used to read about Dark Magic because I told you that during our Christmas at Spinner’s End. I’m actually quite fascinated by it, especially now with the Morgan le Fay connection to me. I don’t like some of the things that people use Dark Magic for, but I don’t automatically recoil from the study of it either. I’ve never really understood why other people are so afraid of it."

"Lily was quite adamant in her condemnation of my interest in the Dark Arts," Snape told her yet again. It was a subject he had come back to repeatedly in the past year, after he had realized that Welkin truly did not share Lily’s complete abhorrence.

"Well, from what you’ve told me about her, it sounds like she was more disappointed in your choice of Death Eaters as friends and compatriots, although it does sound like she shared some of the same prejudice against the Dark Arts that most people do. You have to admit that joining the Death Eaters was not exactly your finest hour, considering the things that Voldemort espoused and is still trying to put into action. I don’t know what kind of a man he was before, but he’s morphed into something incredibly evil over the years. I’m so glad that you’re not really a part of that anymore, even if people think that you are."

"I wish that there was no need for me to be involved at all," he told her. "Perhaps then we could have a more normal life."

"Normal is highly overrated," Welkin smiled. "Normal things have never really held my interest that much. After this Voldemort stuff is all over maybe we can study the Dark Arts together. Would you like that?"

"I think that I would like that very much," Snape told her, his dark eyes glittering at the thought. To be able to study again with someone who would not condemn him - it was an intoxicating thought.

"Maybe we shouldn’t wait then. Who knows how long it will take for Voldemort to be vanquished, or what it will take. If what I’ve seen in my dreams is true, I may need more than the skills that Albus has taught me to help you protect our family. Maybe you could start my education by teaching me some of the things you already know," Welkin suggested, leaning forward eagerly.

"I…suppose that I could," Snape hesitated. If they were discovered it would not go well for either of them.

"Fabulous! Just don’t tell Albus, or anybody else for that matter. I don’t think other people would understand," Welkin advised. "Albus would go apeshit about it. You don’t have a problem with keeping it from him do you?"

"Yes I know that he would be against the idea. The Dark Arts can be very seductive. He has denied me the Defense Against the Dark Arts post for years because he apparently feared that I would revert to my former ways," Snape agreed ruefully. "No, I have no misgivings about keeping it secret from him. Our pact to have no more secrets involves only you and I. Everyone else is of no consequence."

"Well I wouldn’t go that far," Welkin said. "They are of consequence. Just not as much consequence as we are to each other."

"You mean everything to me," Snape told her, and as usual Welkin felt a little thrill at his words. How wonderful it was to be so certain that what he said was absolutely true.

"Even though I’m just a somewhat clever enchantress who happens to love you and not some brilliant ivory tower intellectual like Albus Dumbledore?" Welkin asked. "I get the impression that some people think I’m not intelligent enough for you," Welkin observed wryly. "I won’t name names but one of them has the initials H.G. and flung herself at you in an ill-advised way recently. I think Minerva may have felt the same way in the beginning."

"I did not choose you for your intelligence," Snape said.

"Well fuck you too, thanks a lot!"

"No, I did not mean that I do not think you are intelligent," Snape clarified hastily. "I meant that although you are intelligent that was not the quality that made me wish to have you as my own. It was your spirit that attracted me most. You were so unafraid of me during the Legilimency when I was questioning you - so sure of yourself and determined not to be intimidated by me. Your resistance was quite impressive. And later, when you provoked me until I made love to you and I realized that you actually did desire me sexually and thought me physically attractive, I dared to allow myself to think you would want to join with me as well."

"So essentially, you’re saying you wanted me because I also wanted you and was a hard-headed, stubborn, devious smart ass who you were having a lot of hot Wizard sex with," Welkin paraphrased.

"A bit too simplistic, but essentially correct," Snape confirmed.

Welkin laughed her throaty laugh. "I like your style Professor. You really haven’t the slightest clue how to talk a woman off her feet but you manage to get the job done anyway," she teased. "There are a few people who wonder what I see in you too," she informed him.

"More than a few," he nodded. "I am too well aware of that."

"Well fuck them. Who cares what they think?"

"I would rather fuck you," Snape replied bluntly, his voice suddenly husky with his desire for her.

"Well what’s stopping you?" Her eyes dropped knowingly to his crotch because, what was really the point of pretending to ignore the growing bulge in his trousers? "It’s obvious that you’re up for the task. I think our intellectual discussion went off track anyway, don’t you?"

"We can resume it later if you wish," Snape said as he grasped her, forcing her down on her back on the couch and straddling her. "Morgan le Fay was also known for having many lovers. Perhaps, as with the healing, you have inherited her proclivities in this area?"

"Not for many lovers. Maybe for one in particular," she answered. "I read in the book you gave me that she offered herself to Merlin in exchange for his tutelage in magic."

"Are you suggesting a bargain such as that with me? I am your husband Welkin. I have no need to strike such a bargain. You are mine already, and as I recall, Morgan did not abide by her bargain with the great Merlin."

"So I read," Welkin smiled up at him. "That must have been one majorly pissed off Wizard." She moved her hands to the waistband of his trousers and slowly unzipped his fly, sliding one hand inside to press against his hardness, stroking back and forth with her fingers. "You’re so long and hard Severus. Does that feel good when I stroke you?"

"You know that it does Morgana," he groaned, surprising her by using her middle name. "You like to torture me like this don’t you?" He pushed her hand away and got off her, standing up. Snape removed his clothing piece by piece as she lay watching him, piling it in a heap on the nearby chair.

When he stood naked before her, she smiled appreciatively. "Will you help me undress?" she requested. He did not have to be asked twice. He undressed her slowly, carefully adding her clothes to the pile on the chair, then stood back to admire her pale skin against the black leather of the couch. Her gently sloping shoulders, slender arms with small-boned delicate wrists, graceful long-fingered hands he caressed with his gaze. Her rounded hips and breasts and firm, shapely legs, the ring of dark reddish-brown hair framing the lips of her glistening pussy, slickened by her desire for him - all of this was his for the taking.

Kneeling beside her on the couch Snape slowly lowered himself until he was lying atop Welkin, his hardness pressing against the softness of her stomach. He captured her lower lip between his lips as he had envisioned, sucking and massaging it as his hands moved over her in long, smooth stroking motions. She parted her lips and he plunged his tongue between them. When he was satisfied with his exploration of her mouth he continued his assault on her senses at the sensitive areas at the base of her throat.

Welkin moaned and bucked against him, her nipples hardening against his chest. "Come into…my mind," she urged him.

"Are you sure?" he asked her, surprised by her request. She had always been reluctant to allow him to invade her mind as he invaded her body, and he had respected her wishes, allowing her to retain that last vestige of privacy from him.

"I’m sure," she said and moaned again before looking him in the eyes. "I want you inside me, body and mind. I want to share myself completely with you, and you with me."

Welkin spread her legs for him as he sank into her physically, pressing his face against her throat. "Leglimens," he pronounced as he thrust himself into her mind as well. "Leglimens," she repeated after him, focusing as he had taught her and forcing her consciousness beyond her physical form to penetrate his mind and merge with him simultaneously.

Welkin wrapped her legs around him, rising rhythmically to meet his thrusts. A bright ball of light exploded inside her head as they fucked and a kaleidoscope of images swirled in her head. Severus as a child, a youth and a man - not just events, but emotions, swirling and coalescing inside her head. His love for his mother and fear of displeasing his grim, sternly critical father, the joy of discovering someone like himself when he found Lily, his longing to escape his life at Spinner’s End and to be somebody who mattered to other people, not just to Lily.

Welkin felt the pain of his loss of Lily as a friend and then the agony of her death and the overwhelming guilt that followed. She felt the anger and ever present loneliness in the mind of Snape the man, like the taste of a bitter herb. She felt his pride in himself and his longing still to be somebody who mattered, a man who accomplished great things, who was admired and respected.

When she saw herself through his eyes, she felt a potent new rush of love and happiness tinged with apprehension and fear of the pain of new loss.

From a distance she heard Severus call out her name as a burst of love and pleasure exploded in her head. Welkin screamed out his name and began to come.


When he penetrated her mind, at first Snape felt only Welkin’s intense overpowering reaction to him in the present. It was a powerful cocktail of love, desire, and great overwhelming need that buffeted him in a storm of emotion. As the intensity diminished, he felt other things; a complex mixture as soothing to his soul as a balm - admiration, fascination, jealousy and possessiveness and a need to be first in his regard.

Then the present gave way to the past. Images began to flash quickly. Welkin as a child, sad and bereft at the loss of her beloved pet songbird as she buried it, then bright and happy, discovering if she laid her little hands across the mound and thought at it with enough intensity of emotion that the bird revived, fluttering and flopping it’s way out of the sandy grave.

He felt her fear and disappointment at the anger of her mother when she trustingly ran to show her the great miracle. "Look mama, I prayed it alive!" Her mother shaking her by the arm and admonishing her not to tell - never to tell - it was a sin that she had done, not a miracle.

Snape saw Welkin as an awkward young girl of about 10 or 11, shy and timid, yet secretly proud of herself and her abilities, feeling somehow that she was special in a way she couldn’t describe, and a way that she knew others were not. He felt her childish pleasure when she sang to herself while she drew little sketches of the strange things from her imagination - castles, people transformed into animals or birds and the strange man in the cloak she called her dark prince - the man she sometimes dreamed about - the man with strange glittering dark eyes and a funny name that sounded like the hiss of a snake.

The adult Welkin and her memories of his interrogation of her displaced the young girl. Her warring emotions of fear, anger and rage bombarded him, combined with her arousal.

One final image formed in Snape’s mind as he neared his climax. He could feel what Welkin felt the night he had first possessed her. He felt her lust for him, her intense pleasure and her shock of recognition and disbelief as her first orgasm washed over her and she suddenly realized that he was the man she had dreamed of. He was the strange dark prince she had sometimes seen in her childhood dreams.

Snape called out Welkin’s name and began to come as he gave one final powerful thrust to plunge himself deep inside her. Welkin’s voice joined his as their separate thoughts and emotions merged. For thirty seconds of perfection they were joined as one person, no longer separate.


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