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Chapter 36
Goals, Fears and Fantasies

"Why didn’t you tell me that you had dreamed of me when you were a child?" Snape asked her in the aftermath of their joining. He had pulled Welkin down into his lap and encircled her with his arms after they dressed, still feeling a strong need to stay connected with her.

"Honestly, I don’t know why. I guess when I first realized it, our relationship was so new that I didn’t want to throw anything strange like that into it, and then later on, I just honestly forgot about it. I wasn’t trying to keep anything from you," Welkin told him. "In hindsight, our relationship was pretty strange from the beginning, so adding something like that to it probably couldn’t have made it any odder," she smiled at him.

"Is this why you were so certain that you were the woman I was meant to be with Wells?" he asked, remembering the words she had used when she discovered that he had tricked her into being pregnant with their child.

"Maybe partly - but mostly I just know it. I think I always have known it, from the first moment I woke up in your office and saw you. I was never more certain of anything in my life," Welkin asserted.

"From that first night, I also knew that you were the one I wanted for my own," he said, his lips warmly brushing her throat.

They both fell silent and Snape simply sat there quietly cradling her in his arms for a long while as Welkin snuggled contentedly against him.


They compromised on Welkin’s performing at the Hog’s Head. She agreed that she would only perform one Friday and Saturday evening a month, instead of every weekend. She would also perform only one set of approximately two hours. Neither Aberforth nor Julien was happy about the change in plans, but Welkin no longer cared about that. Severus had finally admitted that his major objection to the job was that he wanted to spend time with her on the weekends and the singing gig really would have cut into that time deeply so Welkin determined that it had to be curtailed. Severus and she came first, above all other things. She would not let anything jeopardize their happiness. On this particular issue it was in her interest to compromise.

Welkin also told Snape what she knew about Julien, which wasn’t actually a lot. His name was Julien Bell and he came from a rather well-to-do pureblood family who were disappointed that their eldest son had chosen music as a profession.

"Bell? His last name is Bell?" Snape asked. Of course. That was why he had seemed so familiar that first night they went to the Hog’s Head. Four years ago Julien Bell had sought entry into the ranks of the Death Eaters and made quite a pest of himself about it too. He had approached various people rumored to be members, none of whom had any interest in further feeding the gossip about themselves that threatened to expose them and their past activities. Needless to say, Bell’s quest had been unsuccessful.

Snape had not been one of those he had approached, but he had seen Bell with Lucius once in Flourish & Blotts. Lucius had been unimpressed with him despite his pureblood status, telling Snape later that Bell had nothing to offer the Dark Lord by his service.

Snape wondered now if Bell had truly given up on his ill-conceived career choice and replaced it with a musical career. He told Welkin of his concerns, advising her not to be too trusting of him.

"If he still wishes to become a Death Eater he would do anything to impress Voldemort and those closest to him. If he discovered your secrets he would hand you over to them in a heartbeat to gain their favor. Perhaps you should abandon this project completely after all," Snape told her.

"But I really don’t want to abandon it completely," Welkin said, even though she knew he was right. "I’ll just keep my mouth shut and only talk about innocuous things with him. Since our practice sessions have been cut way back it really shouldn’t be a problem Severus. We mostly only talk about the music now anyway. I think everything will be okay since I promised not to try to spy anymore." She looked disappointed. "I really liked spying," she said a little mournfully.

"You are not very good at it," Snape bluntly informed her. "Your episode with Yaxley proved that. If I had not rescued you from his table when I did I shudder to think of the consequences."

"Oh please! You’re so full of yourself. Yaxley had no idea what I was doing. He would have been singing his secrets like a canary in another few minutes if you hadn’t interrupted," Welkin said smugly.

Snape discreetly waited until she had turned away from him before rolling his eyes at her.


"State your concerns quickly Yaxley. I have only just returned from my travels and I find myself somewhat fatigued. I had not intended to grant an audience to anyone this soon," Voldemort told him.

"Pardon me My Lord, but I am concerned about some things I have been hearing about Severus Snape’s wife. I thought that you would want to know about it as soon as you returned," Yaxley replied apologetically.

"Severus’s wife? Ah yes, the Muggle bitch," he recalled. "What of her?"

"There is something quite peculiar there My Lord. There have been reports that she was seen using a wand to perform magic. If these reports are accurate, she is not a mere Muggle as you have been led to believe that she is."

"Using a wand? In what way?"

"Dueling My Lord. And by all accounts she was quite good at it," Yaxley’s deep gravelly voice took on an accusatory tone. "I took it upon myself to observe her personally by going to the Hog’s Head Inn where she is now singing. The report of her opening debut is in this issue of The Daily Prophet." Yaxley handed the paper to Voldemort. "She seems uncommonly interested in you and your activities My Lord, which I also found odd."

Interested in him? Voldemort’s snakelike eyes narrowed. And dueling with a wand? That was odd. It didn’t sound at all like the woman he had met at Malfoy Manor. If his wife had magical abilities why had Severus not told him this?

"Let’s not jump to conclusions Yaxley," Voldemort told him. "Continue to monitor her. If you learn anything more report to me immediately. You may leave me now," he said smoothly.

"As you wish My Lord." Yaxley bowed to him and then quickly exited.

When Yaxley had left, Voldemort crossed to a chair and sat; unfolding the paper he had been given to read the report on Welkin’s opening. He made note of the sly innuendo the Skeeter woman had made concerning Welkin and her piano player and perused the photograph. So…Snape’s Muggle knew magic. Perhaps she was not quite as useless as she appeared to be.

Welkin turned in the photograph, her foot rising a little higher on the foot rail of the bar and Voldemort saw the flash of bright pubic hair and her exposed genitals. He began to chuckle to himself. Snape’s slut was still up to her tricks he observed. Severus must have given her quite a session of "correction" when he saw this photo and read of her new betrayal of him with the piano player. No wonder Snape guarded her like some rare treasure when she continually gave him such opportunities to enjoy abusing that lush body of hers. The bitch must actually enjoy her punishment. Why else would she provoke Snape so often?

Perhaps Severus would not be averse to sharing that pleasure with him if he decided to request it. He had missed his occasional private interludes with Bellatrix since she had been imprisoned at Azkaban. Of course, the things he had done to her during their more extended sessions had nearly unhinged her mind, but she had retained her slavish loyalty to him nonetheless. He would have to consider rewarding her in some way when he arranged her release from that place. Not quite yet however. There were other things to be attended to. The removal of Madam Amelia Bones from her post at the Ministry of Magic was one of the first items on his agenda.


It had been idyllic when Narcissa welcomed him back into her arms and her bed whenever he knocked on her door. Almost too good to be true Lucius had thought. Sooner than he had expected he discovered that it was too good to be true. Despite his love for her, his boredom with Narcissa’s lack of inventiveness in the bedchamber returned, along with his urges for other women. He had already been unfaithful to her with one of his stable of beauties and urges for one other woman in particular had reasserted themselves in the past few days.

Lucius took out the well-worn copy of The Daily Prophet and unfolded it to Welkin’s picture, waiting for the revealing moment. He pointed his wand and stopped motion on the image at the precise moment he desired. "By Salazar’s beard," he breathed. "I swear I will find a way to slither into that pussy of hers or my name isn’t Lucius Malfoy."


Welkin had decided that she would end each of her performances at the Hog’s Head with a dedication to Severus. She had developed an unfortunate tendency to tease him with songs selected especially to titillate him in this public venue. She thought it was funny. He often did not, although he would have enjoyed the same performance if she had elected to give it in private.

Tonight the song she chose was "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. As she sang to him in her breathy voice, undulating and running her hands suggestively over her breasts and thighs in keeping with the tone of the lyrics, Snape occupied his mind with other things as best he could. Though Welkin was totally unconcerned about what people thought of her, Severus did not really want to become obviously aroused in plain view of this crowd, or any person other than Welkin herself for that matter.

No I don’t want…anybody else
When I think about you…I touch myself

The music seemed to go on forever, though in reality it was only a three minute song. When it was over Snape breathed a sigh of relief. His reputation was still intact, thanks to his prodigious control.

Welkin thanked everyone for their applause and then bounced over to their table, where Florinda promptly brought them two glasses of firewhiskey.

"Did you like tonight’s dedication?" Welkin grinned. "Did it…pump you up?" she added innocently.

"Wells, you have a very perverse sense of humour at times," Snape replied, sipping his drink. "It may backfire on you one of these days. Perhaps sooner than you think," he said cryptically.

"Sevvy, I have no idea what you’re talking about." Welkin gulped half her drink and made a face at the burning sensation in her throat.

Even though Violet had agreed to keep Sully all night on the two evenings a month that Welkin sang and that meant they could stay out as late as they wished, after her third firewhiskey Welkin told Severus she was getting tired and they ought to head home.

"I do not think we will be able to," Snape said calmly. "Do you not hear the thunderstorm? It has been raining like that since shortly after you began your singing and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon."

"Well, can’t we just apparate home to Hogwarts?"

"It does not always work well in weather such as this," he informed her, stretching the truth to accommodate his wishes.

Florinda appeared to collect their glasses and tossed Snape a key. "Ab-ferth sayes yer room is ready fer y’uns." She thanked him profusely for the tip he gave her and left a bottle and two relatively clean glasses for him, which he calmly pocketed as he stood up.

"Come Welkin. It is time for bed," he announced. He handed her the bottle of firewhiskey and pulled her to her feet. "I have arranged for a room upstairs for the night."

"Here? You’re kidding aren’t you?" She lowered her voice to a whisper. "You said this place was crawling with vermin. We can’t stay here."

"We have very little choice," Snape told her, using his hand at the small of her back to propel her towards the stairs. "It is a deluge out there Welkin. It will at least be dry upstairs."

He pushed her along up two flights of stairs and down a long dark hallway, then up another shorter group of steps to a lone locked door. "We have the attic room," Snape explained. "It will be much more private." He unlocked the door with the key and opened it, making a gallant sweeping gesture with his hand to invite her inside. "After you my sweet."

Welkin walked in to find, to her surprise, not a haven for fleas and mice, but a relatively cozy attic room with rough unvarnished hardwood floors, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and three small windows with heavy diamond-shaped panes of leaded glass, down the outside of which rain from the thunderstorm was profusely streaming. Lightning flashes and crashes of thunder came at close intervals and she could hear the sound of the rain beating down incessantly on the metal roof.

"This is actually not bad Sevvy," Welkin announced, sounding relieved. "It’s even romantic."

"Good. I’m glad you approve," he said, opening the bottle of firewhiskey and pouring her another drink.

"Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" she asked, taking a deep sip from her glass.

Snape smiled at her and downed his glass in one draught. "Yes I am." He waved his hand and spoke an incantation. Her clothing disappeared. "Get into bed please Wells. I have something special planned."

Welkin threw back the coverlet and blanket on the bed and dived under them, pulling them both up under her chin. Snape removed his own clothing in the same way and joined her, letting her snuggle against him.

"So what special thing are we doing?" Welkin asked, yawning. Snape smiled at her and put his mouth to her ear, whispering into it what he had in mind.

"Pardon? I don’t think I heard that correctly," Welkin said. At least, she hoped she hadn’t.

Snape whispered it again and arched an eyebrow at her, watching her face for her reaction.

"You’re going to what? Oh no you’re not!"

"It is one of your fantasies Wells. A very stimulating one for me as well."

"Well you can just forget that. Your cock is way too big to even attempt that. No way am I letting you."

"If you will just be easy in your mind about it I am quite sure it will fit. I will work it in slowly. I am quite patient. Of course, it most probably will hurt but as you get used to it I’m sure that you will begin to enjoy it. I have brought some special lubricant which I developed especially for you in the Potions Lab to ease your discomfort, and I have a pain potion for you for afterwards."

Snape produced a small metal tin and removed the lid. "Turn over please so that I may apply this lubricant."

Welkin was looking at him aghast. "Severus, put that away," she said slowly. "I said no, and I mean no. There will be no ass fucking tonight or any other night. Am I making myself clear to you?"

"Very clear my sweet. You are shy about this and wish me to overcome your natural reserve. Very well…" Before he could touch her Welkin leapt from the bed and backed away from him as he followed her.

"Now Welkin, why are you resisting this? You are usually so eager to try new things." The shocked look on her face was priceless and he couldn’t help smiling, immediately giving himself away.

"You’re joking?" Welkin realized at last. "You asshole! That wasn’t funny!"

"Neither was your attempt to embarrass me with your song selection tonight," he said. "Perhaps now you will concede my point when I tell you that such things are meant to be private."

"I don’t see what one has to do with the other. Singing and ass fucking are two completely different things," she informed him haughtily, heading for the table with the firewhiskey on it and her glass. She needed a drink after a scare like that.

She sat down and finished what was left in her glass then poured herself another. "Do you want one?" He nodded and she poured him a stiff drink as well.

"Sevvy…did you ever do that to one of the prostitutes you visited?"

He took a big gulp of his drink and sat down across from her. "Yes I did."

He shifted uncomfortably in the chair, but not from embarrassment. The chair was cold on his bare ass, although Welkin seemed quite comfortable - perhaps because she had extra padding on her feminine posterior and was better insulated.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes I did."

Welkin frowned a bit and sat considering that. Another woman had given him pleasure in a way that she had refused to. Never mind that she was paid to do it. It only mattered to Welkin that she had given him something that Welkin was afraid to give him. Not that she minded a little pain if there was also pleasure mixed in with it. She loved it when Severus was rough with her everywhere else. But her ass was another matter. If only he wasn’t so large, maybe she wouldn’t be so nervous about it. It was one of her fantasies, as he’d said, but Severus had only inserted his finger or thumb inside that tender orifice up to this point, certainly not anything as big as his penis.

Snape could see that she was thinking hard about what he had said and looked at her quizzically, encouraging her to speak by his expression.

Welkin slammed the rest of her drink and stood up abruptly, having made her decision. "Okay…I’m ready!" she announced. If another woman had done it for him, by god, she would do it for him even better!

"Ready for?" Snape prodded, wanting to be sure that she meant what he thought she meant.

"Ready to get my ass fucked of course. I’ll try it but if it really hurts you have to stop. Just put the head in first and don’t go any further until I say so! Do you agree to that?"

This was not the outcome that Snape had expected when he set up this little joke, but he was not about to discourage Welkin’s sudden bravery and willingness to literally put her ass on the line for him. The prospect of being the only one to ever possess her in this way was far too exciting to him not to take advantage of the opportunity she had just presented.

"Of course my sweet. I would never wish to hurt you."

"Good. Then let me suck it a little first."

Snape’s cock was already starting to rise when Welkin went to sit on the edge of the bed and he approached her with it, placing one hand on the back of her head as he guided it into her mouth. She spread her legs and reached down to play with herself as she enthusiastically sucked and licked his cock and balls. "Ahh…ahhh yes…suck it Welkin…" Snape urged. She was so good at this.

He put both hands on the back of her head. "Hold still now," he instructed, and began to pump himself in and out of her mouth, sliding across her wet tongue and down her throat as she made little gagging noises but managed to take his full length. She stopped playing with herself and reached around him to grasp his butt cheeks as he pumped himself into her.

"Fuck yes! Wells…that feels so good. Open your mouth…wider." He tilted her head back slightly and bent over her, driving himself in and out harder and much faster, his balls slapping against her chin. If her mouth wasn’t full she would tell him how hot this was making her, Welkin thought.

Snape pulled out of her mouth with a groan of approval, a thick trail of spittle stringing from the end of his cock to dribble onto her chin. She coughed to clear her throat and gasped for air, then looked up at him. "Fuck my pussy first please," she instructed.

He turned her around on the bed, positioned on the edge of it on her knees, her legs spread. Snape guided his cock into her sopping wet pussy. "Oh fuck yes, fuckfuckfuck yes!" she chanted as he rode her, grasping her hips to steady her and hold her in place. "Your ass is mine next," he whispered provocatively. "I’m going to fuck that tight ass of yours that no one else has touched. You want that don’t you?"

"Uhn…uhn…yes. I want that," she moaned as he continued to plunge into her.

"Tell me what you want Welkin. Say the words. Tell me sir I want you to fuck my ass." Snape had gone into role-playing mode, consistent with her fantasy, Welkin suddenly realized.

"Yes Sir…Sir I want you to…Uhn…ohfuck!…I want you to fuckmyass!" she finished in a rush.

"Professor Snape Sir, I want you to put your cock in my ass please," he coached in his clipped British accent as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and rubbed it against her exposed asshole.

"Say it," he insisted. He reached to retrieve the tin of ointment from the nightstand and dipped two fingers into it for a generous amount.

"Professor Snape Sir, please put your big cock in my ass," Welkin groaned. She tensed up as his fingers spread the ointment around the entrance and then dipped inside, greasing the way.

"Do not make yourself tense. Relax Miss Cooper. This lesson will be much more instructive and pleasant for you if you will simply relax and leave everything to me." The fantasy that they were not married, and that he was the opportunistic Professor taking advantage of her made Welkin particularly hot, Snape knew from more than ample experience.

"Yes Professor. I’ll try." Welkin inhaled and exhaled a few times and tried to relax.

She felt a twinge as he slowly pressed the head of his cock inside her. "You see. That isn’t so bad is it?" he asked in his silken voice. He slid another inch inside and groaned deeply. Welkin felt pressure and a sensation of being stretched but no appreciable pain. So far this wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be.

"Are you ready to proceed?" he asked her, as he had promised he would.

"Yes Sir. I’m okay. Go ahead," she gave her permission.

"And now Miss Cooper, let us try for 10 points for Slytherin House. Put your head down and brace yourself," he instructed, forcing her head down on the bed, which lifted her ass higher at just the right angle for him. He began to slowly work himself in and out, sinking his throbbing cock a little farther into her each time. The stretching sensation began to be a lot more uncomfortable. "Stop! Stop! Don’t put any more in. Let me rest for a second!"

"It will only be more uncomfortable if I stop. If I continue it will become easier. Trust me Wells. I will not penetrate to the maximum."

"Okay…I trust you not to get too carried away." She braced herself again. "Go ahead…Professor…Sir… fuck my lily white ass for Slytherin."

Snape smiled at the way she had phrased the request and continued his movements, very slowly at first and then, when he had managed to insert at least a good six inches, he increased his speed to a steady fucking rhythm and reached between her legs to find her clit. If she was receiving pleasure there, he knew that the pain of his reaming of her posterior would be lessened.

The tingling between her legs from Sevvy’s manipulations started feeling really good and Welkin focused on that. The other less delicate invasion slowly started to feel a little better as she relaxed, excited by the sensations in her pussy.

"Oh yeah…that feels a lot better…" she said. "It’s really tight isn’t it? I can feel every vein on your cock right now, rubbing against my insides. In and out…in and out…mmmmmm yeah…a little faster please Sir…"

Snape increased his speed as she requested. "Yes Miss Cooper…your lily white ass is very tight indeed and I will be coming inside it very soon. If you can manage to come before I do I shall award 15 points to Slytherin instead of the customary 10."

Always up for a challenge, Welkin reached between her own legs where Sevvy was already busy and inserted one of her own fingers alongside his, beginning to frig herself with it. He rubbed her clit faster and faster. Sevvy was groaning in rhythm with the strokes of his penis and the sound of his voice behind her excited her. She frigged herself faster and pictured the way it must look if she could see behind herself while she was being fucked. Then she pictured how it would look to someone else if they were watching it, and that thought finally sent her over the edge. "Ahhhhhhhhh….Sevvy oh oh…ahhhhhhh." She beat him to the orgasm by mere seconds, as he suddenly stopped stroking and she felt him spasm inside her, groaning in pleasurable agony as he pulled out and shot the rest of his load across her buttocks.

Snape collapsed on his back beside her as she rolled over on her back as well. The storm was still raging outside but she hadn’t even noticed it. Welkin rolled against him in post-orgasmic contentment and he encircled her in his arms, as he always did.

"That was really nasty!" Welkin announced. "Was I better than the prostitute?"

"Much better," Snape told her truthfully. "Because I knew you were doing it for me, even though you didn’t really want to, did you?"

"Well…not at first I didn’t. But it was actually really sexy after I got my thoughts in the right place. It’s not something I’d want to do often, because I am sore right now, and to be honest, I got more out of the frontal stimulation than the rear. Mentally the idea of ass fucking is pretty stimulating though."

"I will not request it of you again. If you ever want me to do it again, you may request it of me in the future. Do you need the potion for your soreness my love?"

"No, it’s not that sore. Just when I move certain ways, and I feel a little bit like I need to pass gas. You’d better be glad I hadn’t eaten a lot of beans at supper," she laughed.

"That is very sophomoric humour Wells," Snape told her, smiling in spite of himself. She grinned at him, strained a little, and let out a tiny fart. "Is that better? That’s my final commentary on ass fucking," she giggled.

Snape grimaced and waved his hand in the air, pretending to dispel the odor. "I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone would think you are not my intellectual equal," he teased.

‘You owe Slytherin House 15 points," Welkin reminded him, changing the subject. "I started to come at least 15 seconds before you did."

"That wager was a joke Wells. I cannot give Slytherin House points on the basis of your sexual performances. Although I do favor them already, that would be too much of an unfair advantage. They would win the House Cup every year."

Welkin grinned at the flattery. "Let’s get under the covers and listen to the storm," she suggested.

"As you wish my pet." Snape stood and lifted the covers for her to crawl under and then joined her. They fell asleep in each other's arms, listening to the rain drumming on the rooftop.


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