Welkin in the Wizarding World

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Chapter 38

Snape took a sip of the green "health drink" which Welkin and he had collaborated on for a number of weeks. He arched an eyebrow in surprise. Despite the way it looked, it was actually quite tasty. Perhaps something could be done to improve the muddled green color but otherwise it was quite acceptable.

"It’s good isn’t it?" Welkin said, and took a bigger gulp from her own glass. The vanilla and the cinnamon she had used masked the strong flavor of the crushed mistletoe and assorted other healing herbs they had combined.

Crushed mistletoe alone might be poisonous if taken regularly in undiluted quantities, but in combination with the other herbs, it would function more homeopathically - at least, that was Welkin’s theory.

The ancient Druids had attributed all sorts of miraculous powers to mistletoe, even going so far as to believe that an infusion of it in water would do things like enhance fertility or protect the drinker from any form of poison.

Welkin’s grandmother had made similar notations in her last journal which, as Albus had predicted, Welkin was finding to be a fascinating read. She had even begun a set of journals of her own; one with copious notes on spells, her studies and experimental theories, and the other a far more personal account of her life with Severus in the Wizarding World.

"We’ll both drink a glass of this every day," Welkin told Snape. "And after a suitable trial period - maybe a year or so - assuming it hasn’t harmed us and actually exhibits evidence of health giving properties, maybe we can market it to the public. This could be the greatest thing that’s hit the Wizarding World since…well…I don’t know what, since I haven’t really been here that long…but it could be huge! We could be sitting in the catbird seat with this Severus! People would buy it just for the taste alone - never mind the health benefits!"

"That is yet to be seen, but what I have observed is that you are exhibiting more and more Slytherin qualities by the day," Snape told her, sounding pleased. "Your focus and effort on this project was quite impressive. I am very proud of you Welkin."

Welkin blushed under his scrutiny and praise, something she did not often do.

"You keep me focused," she told him. "I couldn’t have finished it without you working on it with me." She looked at him quite seriously. "I like working on things with you. We make a pretty good team, don’t you think?" she asked, hoping he thought so too.

Snape clasped her hand and brought it to his lips, maintaining eye contact with her as he did. A tingle of pleasure went through her as his lips brushed lightly against her skin.

"Yes, we do make a good team - in every way my love," he agreed, melting her heart. "It is my greatest desire to have such collaboration with you in every area of our lives for a very, very long time."


"We’re going to London?" Welkin repeated after Snape. She clapped her hands together rapidly several times with approval and smiled with delight at him. "When?"

"It will be my Valentine’s gift to you this year. We shall attend a performance of the play you mentioned when we first discussed your health drink."

"Our health drink," she corrected, giving him equal credit. "Do you mean Phantom of the Opera?"

"Yes. I have managed to procure two excellent seats at the theatre. I shall take you shopping at Harrod’s for evening attire and we shall attend the play and then have a late supper in one of the private parlour rooms at The Leaky Cauldron. I have arranged for a room upstairs at the inn and we shall stay overnight before returning to Hogwarts the following morning," he told her, sounding very pleased with himself for the detailed arrangements he had made.

Barefoot, a normal state for her when she was at home in their chambers, Welkin stood on tiptoe and put her arms around his neck. "You’re so sweet to me sometimes Sevvy. It almost makes up for all those other times when you treat me like you do your students."

"Very amusing," he said, knowing that she was only teasing him again.

"What about the rest of the evening?" Welkin asked. "Do you have anything special planned for that? Or are you getting bored with me?"

"I am terribly bored with you, but I have no other sexual options at the moment, unless you count Persephone the goat, and I would prefer not to, thank you," Snape told her. "You will just have to do, tedious and tiring though you may be. Perhaps you might take charge of planning that portion of our evening?" He looked at her hopefully, counting on her fertile imagination in that area.

Welkin laughed. "I’m glad to hear that you prefer me over a goat. I was beginning to worry that her charms were starting to win you over. Hmmmm…just let me think about it. I’ll try not to disappoint you, oh husband of mine," she promised.

She curled her fingers around the collar of his jacket and drew him down to her lips for a deep kiss that made his heart pound and the blood rush to his privates. When she released him she looked lovingly into his eyes, opened her mouth and…"Naaaaaahhh…" she imitated Persephone’s plaintive bleating as she broke into her customary grin and backed away from him.

"Ah…what do I have here?" Snape asked. "A pretty little goat in need of a goatherd?" He followed her as she backed away further, no longer bleating but still smiling.

Welkin loved to be chased, and Snape loved it when he caught her, so it was a game they played quite often in different forms.

"Unfortunately, the goatherd is not on watch tonight, and there is a ravening wolf searching for prey. Poor little goat…about to be…" He lunged at her and caught her, pulling her toward him. "About to be devoured," he announced and buried his face against her throat, his lips sucking and nibbling at the soft flesh there.

"Oh no," she sighed dramatically. "Oh Mr. Wolf…you’re not planning to…eat me are you?" She sounded more hopeful than fearful of what he might be planning to do to her.

"I most assuredly am. It is your own fault for looking so succulent this evening. Little goats such as yourself should learn to keep their tender flesh well hidden when there are wolves about. Have you not been warned?"

"Oh yes sir, I have. But I thought I’d be safe here in Professor Snape’s bedchamber."

"That conclusion was woefully incorrect," Snape told her, as he began to undress her.


"It was outrageous to pay that much for one dress," Welkin told him as they returned to The Leaky Cauldron from Her Majesty’s Theatre. "I don’t need a dress this expensive Severus. I like looking at designer gowns at Harrod’s but I would never have paid this much for anything to wear before we got married, even if it was on sale."

"It suits you. You look quite stunning in it and I am pleased that I could purchase it for you," Snape insisted. "You will always have the best that I am able to provide for you - as will Sullivan."

Welkin suspected he was thinking of his own childhood, like hers, spent in a household with no luxuries, even the small luxury of the books he had longed for until he was old enough to attend Hogwarts. It was something that they had in common. They both understood what it was like to be really poor.

Welkin knew that Severus’s youth had also included forms of neglect that hers hadn’t however. She was determined to make that up to him - to give him all the love that she knew he had so longed for but never seemed to get. What made some people’s lives seem to be filled with nothing but good things while others had to grasp and clutch at whatever slender straws of happiness they could find?

Welkin stroked the sea-green chiffon fabric of the gown she was wearing, and gave Snape’s hand a little squeeze. "Thank you darling," she said, kissing him tenderly, not caring if her sparingly applied makeup smudged. Severus didn’t like her too made-up and neither did she.

Snape and Welkin were escorted to their private parlour room at the inn and settled in for a late supper.

"What did you think about the play?" Welkin asked him after their food arrived and the waiter poured the wine and left them to enjoy it and each other.

"It was quite…dramatic," Snape said.

"Is that dramatic in a good way, or dramatic in an annoying way?" Welkin pressed.

"Both," Snape replied. "I found the heroine quite annoying. Her choices were puzzling."

"I would have chosen Erik," Welkin said.

Snape chewed on a piece of his steak thoughtfully and swallowed before replying. "I do not find that difficult to believe. In a way you did. You chose an unattractive man despised by many, who nevertheless loves you and wishes only for your love in return."

"I would like to refute some of that comparison," Welkin quickly countered. "I chose a handsome man - my Dark Angel of Magic - who I will always love," she said firmly. "Did you at least enjoy the costumes and the singing?"

"I prefer your style of singing," Snape said, reaching over to pour more wine for her, still thinking of what she had just asserted about him. "Why do you love me?" he asked suddenly.

Welkin put down her fork and picked up her wine. She also considered him thoughtfully before she answered. "I could name over a list of things about you that I love. But I don’t think that would really explain it." She took a sip of wine. "I think I love you because I don’t have a choice. There’s something that just…compels me to." She cocked her head to one side and frowned. "Does that make any sense to you? I just feel like I was designed to love you."

"Destined?" Snape asked.

"Designed…destined…It feels to me like there was just inevitability about it. I’ve always been interested in the concept of reincarnation. Maybe that would explain it. Maybe we’ve always been together. Imagine that - from the beginning of time - if we’ve been in an endless cycle of finding each other time after time. It’s sort of comforting in a way, because if that’s true then nothing really can ever truly separate us. We’ll always find each other again."

Welkin smiled a little shyly at him, and Snape suddenly pictured the young girl he had seen when he had been in her mind. "And I shall love you all the more each time that we do find each other," he told her with great certainty.


Snape read the note he’d been handed by their waiter and frowned.

"What is it Severus?" Welkin asked. They were preparing to retire to their room for the evening when the note had arrived.

"Apparently the bag you misplaced has been located."

"I didn’t misplace it," Welkin protested. "It just disappeared when we were checking in. I think somebody took it!"

"Regardless of how it vanished, it has been found." Snape handed her the bottle of wine he had ordered to take with them to their room, and their room key. "You may take this to our room and I will go to housekeeping and retrieve your bag and join you soon."

"Make it quick. I have big plans for you tonight," Welkin told him. She winked at him and waltzed away, ascending the stairs on her way to their room.

Snape headed downstairs where the note instructed that the housekeeping office was located.


Welkin finished brushing her hair at the vanity in their room at The Leaky Cauldron and surveyed herself in the mirror. What in the world could be keeping Severus? It had been nearly an hour since he went to retrieve her purse.

There was a knock on the door. "Welkin, let me in please. It’s Severus," she heard the familiar voice and bounded to the door, flinging it open with a smile.

"Where have you been? I’m so horny I was about ready to start without you!" she told him.

"No need for that," he told her smoothly. "I’m here and I’ll be more than happy to take care of your needs and mine as well." His eyes moved over her body hungrily. He looked as if he was taking inventory. He stared at her rounded breasts, nearly spilling from the lacey cups of her black negligee, and the rest of her charms which were not quite concealed by the sheer fabric that extended to the floor from the bodice in graceful drapery.

"Let’s have some champagne, shall we?" Snape suggested, as he displayed the bottle he was carrying to her.

"But we already have a bottle of wine. Why did you get champagne?" Welkin asked, looking puzzled.

"Oh…well…I got champagne because I… know how much you like champagne," he hesitated. "I decided you’d probably rather have it than the wine."

"Whatever," Welkin said a little skeptically. She decided to drop it. It wasn’t worth arguing over. "I don’t care what we drink. Just open the bottle then."

Snape quickly obliged. Pouring a glass, he handed it to her. She moved to the bed and sat on the edge. Snape followed her and sat next to her, watching her intently. Starting to raise her glass to her lips she suddenly noticed that he hadn’t poured himself one.

"Where’s your glass?" she asked.

"I dropped my glass and broke it in the hallway. I’ll share yours when you’re finished," he told her.

"What’s wrong with you?" Welkin frowned. "You’re acting awfully funny. You’re so jumpy and you keep staring at me. Where’s my purse by the way?"

"Your purse?"

"Yeeees," she said, sounding annoyed. "My purse…the thing you went downstairs to get - remember?"

"Oh that. There was no one in the office when I got there. They must have stepped out. I’ll go back in the morning. Drink your champagne Welkin," he urged.

Welkin frowned at him again, but this time turned up the glass and took a drink. "Mmmmm…this is really good," she smiled. "Can we get some of this to take home with us?" She took another drink as Severus eased his arm around her and placed one hand against the side of her breast.


Snape woke up in the small, dark, enclosed space of one of the downstairs storage closets. His arms and legs were bound and the last thing that he remembered was a cloaked and hooded figure stepping out of the shadows in the hallway where he was looking for the housekeeping office, pointing a wand at him and shouting "Stupefy". No, that wasn’t quite the last thing that he remembered. As he had crumpled to the floor, he recalled a face bending over him. With a start, right before he lost consciousness, he had recognized…himself!

The memory had no sooner reasserted itself in his mind then he suddenly knew what it meant. Lucius Malfoy had done this. It had to be. Who else would want to masquerade as him? Who else was so obsessed with Welkin that he would illegally use polyjuice potion on himself to accomplish his despicable plan to get next to her?

Snape groaned at the thought that Lucius might be with her even now and began to struggle against his bonds, which had refused to yield to him by use of spoken spells. If he could just loosen them enough to reach his wand, he could get free. How long had he been out and what had happened to Welkin during that time? He had to get free quickly and go to her! If Malfoy had forced himself on her or harmed her in any other way he would pay with his life, Snape swore to himself.


"I feel…a little…woozy," Welkin said, her eyelids blinking as she made the effort to clear her head. She’d only had two glasses of champagne, but her head felt as if she’d drunk the whole bottle. The room was starting to spin.

Lucius chuckled. "Now Welkin - I thought you could hold your drink better than that," he said in Snape’s deep voice. "Let me help you lie down." He took the empty glass from her hand and set it aside with the rest of the bottle of drugged champagne. He pressed her down on the bed and stood to rearrange her in the proper position, her head against the fluffy pillows, her legs slightly apart. He stroked one of her thighs through her gown as he smiled at her.

"I think what you need to make you feel better is the comfort of your husband, Welkin," he told her as he rubbed himself through his trousers. 'The very deep comfort of your husband, judging by how well-endowed he is,' Lucius thought. That had been his biggest surprise when the polyjuice potion had taken effect and transformed him. Severus Snape was hung like a hippogriff. No wonder Welkin was so devoted to him.

He was very much going to enjoy this. Maybe she would too and they could continue this on a more mutually cooperative level in the future. But if she didn’t it didn’t matter because he was finally going to get a taste of that delicious little quim of hers and that’s all he really cared about in the short term. As it was, their first encounter would, unfortunately, have to be with Welkin in a semi-drugged state and under the mistaken notion that she was with her husband. He would take some sort of souvenir of their encounter perhaps, to convince her later that it had really been him and not Severus.

But he digressed and wasted precious time with these reveries. His throbbing cock reminded him that it was past time to get down to the business at hand. Knowing Severus, he wouldn’t stay bound for long once he regained consciousness. Time was fleeting and after all the trouble he had gone through to execute this plan, Lucius was not about to lose this opportunity due to Snape’s interference.

"Severus," Welkin said, sounding confused. "Why can’t I move? I didn’t have that much to drink." Her efforts to control her limbs and to sit back up were futile and she was finding it hard to concentrate.

"Perhaps you should have eaten more," he told her. His smile looked odd to her and there was something quite wrong about the way that he spoke. "Don’t you worry about that. I’m going to take good care of you," he said, as he crawled on top of her. "Just relax and you’ll enjoy this much more," he promised, and captured her slack mouth in a kiss.


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