Welkin in the Wizarding World

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Chapter 7
Christmas Comes to Spinner’s End

Welkin quickly crammed what she estimated would be a week’s worth of clothing and undies into her soft leather satchel, along with some toiletries and her toothbrush. "Is there electricity?" she asked Snape, who was already dressed in his cloak, and was seated in a chair by the window, watching her scamper about. "Yes." She added her hairdryer and her cell phone and charger and zipped the satchel shut. Selecting a brown leather bomber jacket from the chifferobe, she slipped it on and zipped up, pocketing some matching gloves.

"Ready…how are we getting there? Not by broom I hope. I’m afraid of heights." Snape had explained that Spinner’s End was in a Muggle community, but she knew little else about it, including how far it was from their current location and how long it would take to get there.

Snape picked up her satchel and grasped her right hand in his left. "You must prepare yourself for an unsettling sensation. Try to empty your mind of thought as best you can and follow me." Luckily, due to special dispensation acquired through Dumbledore, Snape was allowed to use the Portus spell to create portkeys whenever he wished, as well as use apparition within the grounds of the school. Snape stared at the wall, said some words Welkin didn’t understand, and the wall shimmered a bit and glowed an odd blue color. He stepped towards it, and into it, pulling her along with him.

Temporarily blinded by a flash of light, Welkin had a disorienting sensation of falling and an uncomfortable queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. It felt a little like the way she had arrived here, except this time she was prepared and the pressure in her head wasn’t as severe. As quickly as the sensation began, it ended, and Welkin found herself standing outside in an alleyway between two buildings.

Snape looked pleased. "You did very well. It doesn’t always work well with Muggles," he noted, leading her out of the alley into the street and up to his front door. The house was rather gloomy on the outside, but looked sturdy enough, Welkin thought. Some of the Muggle neighbors watched with interest as Snape unlocked the door physically and intoned the words to remove the protective spell in a voice too low for them to hear, then ushered the unfamiliar auburn-haired woman inside.

"I see why we arrived in the alley," Welkin said. "Your neighbors are pretty nosey."

"I don’t often have visitors," Snape said. "No doubt they are intrigued," he added with annoyance.

It was very chilly inside and Snape removed his cloak and immediately set about building a fire in the fireplace, as Welkin removed her jacket and began to look around. Snape had never minded the shabby surroundings before, but was suddenly concerned what she might think about them.

The sitting room was small and cluttered, with tall bookshelves loaded with leather-bound books dominating the room. The furnishings, most of them, were shabby looking, definitely in need of reupholstery; but as she tried the chair she assumed he sat in most often, she found it acceptably comfortable.

She got up and wandered into the kitchen, another small room, just off the sitting room, where she was delighted to see a refrigerator humming to itself, and a stove that looked as if it hadn’t been used in ages, but hopefully was also serviceable. Electricity! How she had missed it at Hogwarts. Magic was lovely, she was sure, but electricity was a Muggle form of magic, she realized.

Welkin tried the spigots in the sink and was relieved when the water didn’t look the least bit murky. One of the cabinet handles dangled loosely on one side, nothing she couldn’t fix in a few minutes with a screwdriver. She opened the door to the refrigerator and found…nothing. Not one crumb or morsel of food. "Severus," she called out to him, assuming he was still busy building the fire. "Yes?" he said, directly behind her, making her jump.

"Don’t sneak up on me like that. There’s no food," she said, unnecessarily indicating the empty fridge. "We’ll have to go to the grocery later. I can’t cook Christmas dinner without food."

"Christmas dinner?"

"Yes. I’m going to cook you a traditional Cooper Christmas Dinner, and then, after you’ve eaten until you’re lethargic, bloated and helpless, I’m going to have my wicked way with you under the Christmas tree."

"We don’t have a tree."

"Then that goes on the list too," she said as they walked back into the sitting room, where his fire was already starting to warm up the room. She pushed him down into his chair and sat in his lap, her arms around his neck.

"It’s not much of a house," he said glumly, now definitely embarrassed of the surroundings.

"It could use a little TLC," Welkin admitted, "Much like its owner. But it has definite possibilities, also much like its owner." She captured his chin in the palm of her hand and kissed him, her tongue probing against his lips until they parted to accept her. His hands caressed her back, and then slid down to hike up her skirt so that he could turn her to straddle him in the chair, her knees apart, resting on either side of his hips. She felt his hardness growing against her buttocks and it excited her. Her pussy lubricated in anticipation, and she raised herself enough to reach between her legs. Her fingers fumbled as she tried to open his trousers and Welkin cursed in frustration. He reached a hand to help her, opening himself to her questing hand, which she eagerly thrust into his trousers to grasp hold of him firmly, eliciting a deep groan from Snape. As she drew his penis out, she lifted herself a little more to allow herself to see her hand wrapped around it.

"I love the feel of your cock in my hand," she whispered huskily to him, eliciting another deep groan from him. "I love the way it twitches and throbs in my hand. It makes me so wet. So wet…even though my pussy is on fire."

Her deliciously vulgar words were bringing him to the brink too quickly. He needed to be inside her soon or it would be too late.

She raised herself a little higher and reached her unoccupied hand between her legs to pull the crotch of her panties to the side. "Feel how wet I am for you," she breathed in his ear, rubbing the head of his cock against herself until it was glistening with her lubrication and his own. She inserted just the head and used her muscles to clinch it tightly, sucking it a little further inside her.

"Enough!" Snape groaned, thrusting his hips up sharply to force more of himself inside her. "Oh yes. Fuck me…please fuck me." She lowered herself now that he was inside her, so that his rapid thrusts could reach deeper. Less than a minute later she was at the brink of coming. "Oh Severus…I’m going to…" Welkin came with a series of cries that were not a scream, but were certainly highly vocal. She had barely recovered from her own orgasm when she was urging him on. "Oh Severus…my darling…come for me…I want to feel your cock explode inside me…"

With cursing that at last rivaled Welkin’s own propensity for vulgarity, Snape obliged her.

"That was spectacular," she grinned at him, waiting for him to recover fully before ‘dismounting’, and settling back into his lap.

"Well, the chair’s been christened. I suppose we have a week to get around to other areas of the house," she mused aloud. Where’s the bedroom anyway, she wondered. She couldn’t seem to see a door anyplace in the room that might lead out of there, other than to the kitchen.

"By the end of the week everything will smell like your…pussy," Snape said, getting comfortable with the unaccustomed word.

"Are you saying that would be a bad thing? What’s wrong with my pussy?" she teased.

"Nothing at all. It works admirably well from what I’ve been able to ascertain."

The clock chimed two. "If you still wish to go to the green grocers today we should freshen up," Snape suggested.

"Of course," Welkin agreed. "Where’s the bathroom? And don’t forget to put your dick back in your pants. We wouldn’t want the neighbors thinking they live next to a couple of perverts now would we? Even though they do."


"What do you mean, nobody’s ever cooked for you before?" she asked, as she was putting away their grocery purchases from the bags on the kitchen table.

"No one except my mother."

"Well I’m definitely not your mother. That's too kinky even for me."

"How old are you Severus?" Welkin was curious, although usually ages didn’t interest her.

"I will be 35 next month."

"In January? When’s your birthdate?"

"January 9th."

He was Capricorn - she should have guessed. Welkin had Cancer rising and Capricorn was on the cusp of her 7th House of Partnerships. She’d never really pictured herself with a Capricorn and always thought that part of her chart just didn’t ring true, up until now.

"Why do you ask?"

"No reason really. I’m several years older than you is all."

"You look younger, perhaps 30 or 31."

"I’m aging well I guess. I’ll be 39 in June."

"Gemini," he said, surprising her. He seemed like the type who would scoff at astrology.

"Yes, Gemini, Cancer rising with a stellium of planets in Cancer and Moon conjunct Mars in Capricorn. Do you know astrology?"

"After a fashion. It is not a particular interest of mine. Have you studied it?"

"Many years ago. I’ve had a number of unorthodox interests over the years," she acknowledged.

"Such as?"

"Oh…witchcraft and demonology, the Dark Arts, vampires, reincarnation, prophesy, Druidism, UFOs, pornography, serial killers - if it was unusual and guaranteed to mark me as even more of a weirdo, I was usually interested in it," she laughed.

"You studied the Dark Arts?" He sounded surprised.

"After a fashion, as you said. I couldn’t find any of the really old texts about it that were supposed to exist, and I couldn’t think of anybody I hated or despised enough to do terrible things to, so I never actually tried any of the incantations that I did find. The interest kind of fizzled out after a while. I still think it’s pretty fascinating stuff though."

Welkin regarded the rather massive turkey she had unpacked, hoping they hadn’t overreached. She noticed Snape looking at her in a strange way.


"I have studied the Dark Arts, and I have done terrible things to people," he confessed to her quietly, so low she almost couldn’t make it out. He had an apprehensive look on his face as he studied her, almost as if he expected her to denounce him now and storm out of the house. He need not have worried. Welkin didn’t care about things he might have done in his murky past. She only cared about the man she saw before her in the here and now.

She laid a hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes. "Are you still doing those terrible things?" she asked.

"No," he answered, his eyes searching hers for any sign of revulsion.

"Then it doesn’t matter." Welkin kissed him and ran a hand through his long, dark hair, as if soothing a frightened child. "I love you just as you are Severus…the good Severus and the bad Severus…forever and always." What had happened to him in his life, and what had he done, she wondered, to make him think that he didn’t deserve to be loved?

"Now find me a pan to put this monster turkey in," she ordered, deciding this was not the time or the place to delve deeper into his past. "I’ll store it in the fridge, and let’s go see about setting up the tree."


"Maybe that corner," Welkin suggested. Severus dutifully used his wand and the Mobiliarbus spell to move the evergreen tree to a new location in the room for a fourth time.

"No, too close to the fire. I think I liked it better in that corner - easier to see from the couch." Severus sighed and moved it back into the corner where it originally started. "Perfect," Welkin said. "I am overjoyed," Snape said snidely. "Don’t revert to being an asshole or, no hot chocolate for you later," Welkin warned. Snape wondered if "hot chocolate" was some sort of code phrase for sex.

"Now…where are the lights?" Snape openly smirked at her.

"You do have lights don’t you? Son of a bitch! Why didn’t you say something when we were getting the tree? What’s the point of a Christmas tree without lights? You really…"

Snape waved his hand and intoned the proper spell to light the tree. The illusion of an abundance of multi-colored lights appeared in a swirl and settled on the surface of the tree, illuminating it perfectly; there was even a lighted star at the top.

"Gorgeous! Perfect!" Welkin stopped her fussing and hugged him. "You’re a very handy man to have around at times, Severus Snape," she complimented him.

"I’ll try to remember that the next time you call me asshole," he said wryly.


Since she had committed herself to cooking an entire Christmas feast, Welkin logically decided there was no obligation on her part to cook tonight. She pulled out her cell phone from her satchel, and called out for pizza. "Is there anything you wouldn’t like on it?" she asked Snape while she was on hold.

"I shouldn’t think I would like deadly nightshade, but other than that I have no opinion, since I’ve never had pizza," he drawled. Welkin shrugged and ordered a large with everything except anchovies.

"You really have led a sheltered life haven’t you? Never had a woman cook for you, never had pizza…what else have you never…oh, my god… you weren’t a virgin the first time we had sex were you?"

"No," he said emphatically, clearly annoyed. "I…was…not."

"Oh, I didn’t really think so. You were much too good at it," she smiled in recollection.

"Yes. I believe I was," Snape agreed rather immodestly.

"Damn right! But god, I can’t believe the racket I had to make before you finally came to my room - and then I had to sock you a good one so that you wouldn't leave again right away."

Snape looked surprised and then frowned. Was she implying that she had actually lured him to her room intentionally in order to seduce him that first night?"

"Oh sweetie, don’t look so disillusioned. I really wanted it to be your idea, but I was afraid if I waited for you to make a move, I’d still be locked in that bedroom waiting, until hell froze over. You were a hard man to get going, but once you did, you were unstoppable! You should be flattered really. It just shows how much I wanted you. Do you forgive me for tricking you a little?"

Snape continued frowning at her, not sure if he approved of the notion that he had been her prey instead of she being his. "You do?" she said, fabricating a positive response. "I don’t believe I said anything like…" Snape began.

"Oh good, I’m glad. Now let’s not belabor the issue," Welkin suggested, smiling brightly at him. "We both can agree that everything worked out the way it should. Come sit by me on the couch and we can get in some snogging before the pizza arrives."


"You don’t need a knife and fork to eat pizza, Severus. Just pick it up with your hands. For god’s sake…I knew I should have ordered Chinese…"


"How did you make this elixir?"

"It’s not an ‘elixir’…it’s homemade hot chocolate…and you watched me make it so you should know what’s in it."

"Your back was to me and I became somewhat preoccupied with the movements of your…"

"You dog! You were staring at my ass the entire time, weren’t you? Ten points from Slytherin for not paying attention in class…"


"This elixir is fabulous."

"It is brandy. You watched me pour it…several times."

"Oh…but your back was to me and I got distracted staring at your ass." (giggles)


"This chair smells just like my pussy." (hysterical giggling)

"That will be quite enough brandy for one evening." (removes bottle)


"The tree is gorgeous. Thank you Severus. It’s been a lovely evening, hasn’t it?"

"Truly…lovely." (touches her face) (clock chimes midnight)

"Is it over?"

"Shall we go to bed and see?"

"Oh yes…" (carries her to bed)


Snape woke the next morning to find Welkin had risen first and found the passageway to downstairs on her own. He came downstairs wearing his long, dark dressing gown, and was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee brewing. The sitting room had been straightened, dusted, and removed of clutter. The kitchen was likewise in order, and the worn floor was freshly cleaned and shining. The loose cabinet handle had been put back into place and tightened.

Welkin had apparently been busy as a house elf this morning, while he slept. Wearing jeans and a red sweater, she was humming Christmas tunes as she finished cooking what appeared to be a breakfast large enough to feed at least six people.

When she turned and saw him, she smiled and came around the table to kiss him good morning. "I didn’t know how you might like your eggs, so I made scrambled and fried. I was just getting ready to come get you."

She fussed over him after he was seated, putting far too much food on his plate; eggs, bacon, chipolatas (which she called sausages), something she called buttermilk biscuits, with strawberry jam, coffee and orange juice. Snape had never felt so pampered. He never remembered his mother treating his father like this. But then, they were usually arguing, and food wasn’t always plentiful in the Snape household.

Welkin served herself and sat down at the kitchen table with him, chatting as they ate. When they were finished, she asked if he would mind doing the dishes, while she started preparing some of the next day’s dinner items ahead of time. "That way I can just pop them in the oven when it’s time."

They talked some more as Snape finished the dishes and Welkin whirled about the kitchen like a little domestic dervish, concocting various pans of ingredients which she then topped with aluminum foil and placed in the refrigerator. Snape went upstairs to bathe and get dressed, then sat at the table with another cup of coffee, reading the Daily Prophet while Welkin finished topping the pies: cherry, lemon meringue, and raisin.

One would have thought she was expecting guests. There seemed to be an excessive amount of food attached to this traditional holiday presentation. When she started talking about a return trip to the grocers to secure the ingredients for a jam cake, Snape put his foot down. "Certainly not. There is already enough food in that refrigerator to feed the House of Slytherin. Come sit down with me," he ordered, drawing her down onto his knees.

"You have flour on your nose," he observed somewhat sternly, as if it was an infraction of some sort. He reached up to brush it away. Unlike his, Welkin’s nose was small and delicately upturned. Were they to have a child, he thought, he fervently hoped it would inherit that from her. For all he knew, she might already be with child from one of their frequent couplings. They had discussed birth control early in their trystings, at Welkin’s insistence, and Welkin seemed to be under the mistaken impression that he, being a Wizard, could simply execute a charm on her to ward off pregnancy. He did not bother to disabuse her of that false notion.

"What are you smirking about now?" Welkin asked suspiciously. "I don’t think you’ve been listening to a word I’ve said in the last five minutes."


"This turkey’s an asshole," Welkin fumed. "It absolutely refuses to brown properly. I’m sure it’s done on the inside but it just looks so anemic. Could you hit it with a little something from that wand of yours to crisp it up a little?"

Amused by her agitation over something so minor, Snape drew his wand, pointed at the recalcitrant bird, and Welkin yelped with alarm as a small fireball shot from the tip and enveloped the turkey, setting it aflame. "Damn it," she yelled, grabbing a dish towel to frantically slap out the flames. "I said zap it, not incinerate it." Flames out, she regarded the bird with concern and was surprised to discover that it was… "Perfect! I can’t believe it. I thought we’d be having cremated remains of turkey."

While Snape carved the turkey, his stern expression reminding her of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Welkin finished the place settings and opened the wine. "Merry Christmas Severus," she wished him, giving him a kiss. "You look so handsome. Thank you for dressing up."

Welkin, dressed in a long red, low cut velvet gown, with satin spaghetti straps, and classic ruby and diamond earrings, looked breathtaking to him. He was tempted to forego the meal and devour her instead, but didn’t want her to think he didn’t appreciate all the effort she had put into preparing the feast. She must have known what he was thinking for she pushed him away and insisted they be seated.

The repast was, as he had come to expect of Welkin’s cooking skills, delicious. He particularly favored the cornbread dressing, prepared with liberal amounts of chopped giblets, onion and celery, and seasoned with sage and other herbs. He treated himself to three helpings of it, Welkin noted with satisfaction.

By the time the pies came out, Snape was feeling more than a little overstuffed. "At least help me eat a piece of the lemon meringue," Welkin insisted, "It’s my very favorite." She sat on his lap as an inducement and fed him small bites of the tart confection until it was gone and he felt as if he might need to loosen some buttons soon, or burst.

"Many of the things you seem to favor are very tart," Snape observed.

"Much like you are," Welkin teased. "And aren’t you glad I wanted to take a bite out of you? Still do." She nibbled at his neck, and swept his long, dark hair behind his ear so that her tongue could trace the outline of it. He shivered in anticipation, knowing that she had no intention of stopping there.

She slowly stood up and walked away, her hips swaying provocatively. When she got to the doorway, she gave a half turn, looked over her shoulder at him, and slowly lowered one shoulder strap, smiling suggestively in a teasing way. Snape stood up and moved to follow her, but she stopped him just inside the doorway, pushing him against the book-lined wall.


The room was dark, the flickering firelight too dim to provide much illumination, but when she moved to the Christmas tree, the lights played subtly over her features. Her back to him, she turned to look over the other shoulder and slowly let the other strap drop, then turned away and began a little swaying dance, her arms raised over her head in a display of pagan ecstasy. As her hips swayed, the dress slid and slipped lower, working its way down her body until her rounded buttocks were half exposed. She turned to face him; her hands splayed across her exposed breasts, and with a final shimmy, let the dress drop to the floor.

"Stay there," she insisted, as he started to move towards her again.

"Take off those trousers," she ordered, now completely nude except for her red heels and her earrings.

He quickly complied. She was massaging her breasts with her hands as she watched him. "And the shorts," she demanded. He slowly let them drop and his cock sprang free and slapped against his stomach with an audible sound.

She placed one foot up on the ottoman and moved her hand to her pussy, delicately massaging and tugging at the lips. "Now…" she stared at him, "I want you to…touch yourself for me. I want to watch you."

Snape was a little shocked that Welkin was actually suggesting that he masturbate in front of her for her pleasure. A bit reluctant to fulfill this latest request, he hesitated, until she slowly slid a finger inside and started to pleasure herself with it, then he quickly grasped himself and complied with her wishes. Her eyes were glued to his hand on his cock and she was breathing hard as she continued to pleasure herself.

Less than a minute later, with a low growl, she rushed at him, kissing him passionately. Going to her knees, she replaced his hand with her mouth, swirling her tongue around him as she drew him into her mouth. She sucked and licked and teased his cock with such obvious enthusiasm that Snape was soon spending himself, despite his best efforts not to do so. The standing orgasm was so intense his knees nearly buckled. Smiling up at him, she licked him clean.

Anxious to pleasure her as she had him, Snape lifted her to her feet and carried her in front of the fireplace. Laying her down, he raised her legs off the floor and threw them over his shoulders, a favorite position of Welkin’s, he knew from experience. With the same precision and thoroughness which he was accustomed to give on everything else he did, Snape began to go down on her with a vengeance. Never had Welkin had oral like this, not even from her first, who admittedly, had been pretty damn good at it.

Welkin buried her hands in his dark hair and held on for dear life. When she finally came this time, it really was with a scream so loud that one would have thought she was being attacked by a Dementor. As Snape crawled somewhat weakly up to lie beside her, Welkin slowly rolled to her side. "Wow! Where did you learn to do that? No…no…I don’t think I want to know. Just promise me you won’t ever do it to anybody else." She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. "Who would have thought it? Severus Snape, Pussy Master," she laughed. "I’ll have to get you a sign made for your door when we get back to Hogwarts."


"What do you mean it was embarrassing?" Welkin asked as they lay in bed later that evening. "Honestly, Severus, you come off as such a prude sometimes. I don’t see anything at all embarrassing about masturbation. Everybody does it. I can guarantee you that those little hellions of yours in Slytherin are doing it every opportunity they get, and some of them are probably thinking about me when they do. Hell...some of them are probably thinking about you."

"I only meant that you wishing to watch me seemed a bit unorthodox, and was somewhat embarrassing to me. It was not meant as a criticism." He reached for her and Welkin peevishly scooted away from him in the bed. "Oh no…I wouldn’t want to embarrass you any further tonight. Good night, Professor Snape," she said in an excessively formal tone.

They lay there silently in the dark for a few long minutes until suddenly, Welkin felt something cold touch the back of her leg. "And you keep those ice cold feet of yours to yourself tonight," she demanded, "Stay on your side of the bed. I don’t want you anywhere near me."

"You are being extremely childish, Welkin, for a woman of your age," Snape observed. "Stuff it," she responded childishly. There was another long silence, then… "I could pleasure you orally again," Snape suggested, quietly playing his ace in the hole. More silence for a few minutes, until…Snape felt one of Welkin’s feet rubbing against the side of his leg. He smiled in the dark and rolled towards her in the bed.


The rest of the week went by much too fast. Welkin took Snape to the local movie theatre to see Interview with the Vampire, which had just come out, and tried to get him to sing Sympathy for the Devil with her on the walk back, but he declined.

"Vampires do not behave in that manner," he informed her, when she asked how he’d liked the movie. "I do not think you would be quite so enamored of them were you to meet a real one. They are not as subtle or gallant as the ones depicted in your Muggle films. You would find them rather tedious I'm afraid."

"Want to bet?" she wiggled her eyebrows at him suggestively, grinning. Snape rolled his eyes at her and she broke into another verse of the song, dancing around him as he kept walking, and drawing strange looks from the other people walking home that evening. Welkin’s sense of public decorum was sadly lacking at times, but Snape was becoming more tolerant of it every day that they spent together, and no longer attempted to restrain that aspect of her personality. Why fight a losing battle, when there were so many other pleasant ways to spend his time with her, he reasoned.

They went for daily walks in the snow in a wooded area fairly close to them. Welkin tried to do little things to improve the house but decided that most of the heavy-duty stuff would probably have to wait for summer. In the afternoons, Snape would read to her from books from his shelves, with her curled up in his lap. Always they made love, until practically no nook or corner could claim to have been untouched.

On New Year’s Eve they had a light supper at five, and were in bed by ten with a bottle of champagne chilling in a makeshift ice bucket, and a small platter of rumaki for a nosh. The only fireworks they saw at midnight were within the confines of their room and that was just fine with them both. Afterwards they talked in low tones about the return to Hogwarts the next day. Severus was expected at a staff assembly, to prepare for the return of the students a few days from now, and still had his mysterious meeting with Dumbledore, which he declined to discuss with her. As long as it didn’t involve any more dead girlfriends, Welkin decided that was perfectly alright with her.


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