Welkin in the Wizarding World

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CONTENT ADDED: April 7-8, 2012
Chapters 36 through 48

Chapter 1: The Unwelcome Arrival

Chapter 2: You Can't Go Home Again

Chapter 3: The Inevitable Tumble

Chapter 4: The Yule Ball

Chapter 5: Welkin's Run-in With Lucius Malfoy

Chapter 6: The Declaration

Chapter 7: Christmas Comes to Spinner's End

Chapter 8: A Modest Proposal

Chapter 9: A Very Brief Engagement

Chapter 10: Severus Snape Takes A Bride

Chapter 11: Snape's Valentine

Chapter 12: Catfight at the Quidditch Match

Chapter 13: Welkin and the Great Misconception

Chapter 14: The Pregnancy: Tales From the Darkside

Chapter 15: The Birth: All Hallow's Eve

Chapter 16: In Dreams

Chapter 17: The Summoning

Chapter 18: Dinner with the Malfoys

Chapter 19: North Tower: Back to the Balcony

Chapter 20: The Family Plan

Chapter 21: Welkin Gets a Comeuppance

Chapter 22: Reunited

Chapter 23: Hermione's Secret

Chapter 24: Prelude to a Party

Chapter 25: Have Yourself a Very Weasley Christmas

Chapter 26: No More Secrets

Chapter 27: Bloodlines

Chapter 28: Snape's Enchantment

Chapter 29: Yule Ball Redux 1995

Chapter 30: Heritage

Chapter 31: Welkin at The Hog's Head

Chapter 32: Welkin and the Pink Piranha

Chapter 33: Sins of the Mother

Chapter 34: The Diva and the Death Eaters

Chapter 35: A Meeting of the Minds

Chapter 36: Fears, Fate and Fantasies

Chapter 37: Slytherin Is As Slytherin Does

Chapter 38: Masquerade

Chapter 39: Lucius and the Pendragon Plot

Chapter 40: The Life Giver

Chapter 41: Welkin's Study Date

Chapter 42: Hermione Takes a Walk on the Wild Side - Part 1

Chapter 43: Hermione Takes a Walk on the Wild Side - Part 2

Chapter 44: The Visitors

Chapter 45: The Picnic

Chapter 46: The Prodigy

Chapter 47: Bound and Determined

Chapter 48: Severus Snape vs. the Internet